Parodi Costume Collection works regularly in partnership to deliver collaborative projects with other museums, educational establishments, heritage and community organizations across the country. Many of these partnerships are based around the loan of objects, including from national museums, but others focus on developing new public programming, sharing skills and expertise, education and learning, and working with communities.

Parodi Costume collection collaborates with some of the most important schools and businesses in Miami to spread awareness and give back to the community of our private collection.

Partnerships and Collaborative projects

Parodi Costume Collection establishes partnerships and collaborations with various organizations to fulfill our mission in working toward creating a cultural influence to spread and share the mission statement of PCC. We do so by working with our local community to provide knowledge and workshops dedicated to the conservation, restoration, exhibition, research and study of the history of fashion design which are standards of practice in our profession. 

Sharing Skills and Knowledge

Parodi Costume Collection in a prominent way share the historical evolution of clothing, analyzing its technical, social, ideological and creative implications. Through diversity the continuous change of dress practices and gathering for the necessary material samples and informative elements. The most remote times can be documented up to a present time and must be permanent to lead you to be a chronicler of the evolution and achievements of contemporary fashion design. We also strive to share the knowledge of our process of conservation and restoration throughout our extensive collection.

Parodi Costume Collection Partnerships

We know how vital arts and cultural institutions are to the fabric of our society and our critical sector. We here at PCC have worked with many local institutions to share lectures and interactive experience to help further expand these practices and communicate this throughout our local community and beyond.

Becoming a Partner and Collaborate

Are you a local established institution? We ask you to join us and partner/collaborate with PCC to help facilitate creating local events and organizations. With your support it helps sustain the Museum’s programming, conservation, and research, enabling hundreds of visitors to experience the power of art. If you are interested in becoming a partner or a collaborator, fill out the following form.