Miami Curated

Never did I imagine a fashion museum the likes of Miami, surely up there with cool things to do in Miami. Think over 5000 pieces from the most iconic names in world of fashion dating from 1880 through the 20th century to the present. Books have been written about facets of the collection, especially fashion from the Roaring Twenties . Part couture showroom, part museum, it’s all the work of the Spanish born Paquita Parodi who’s the collector, restorer and fashion historian.


Trajes con historia, la mujer que conserva más de dos mil vestidos y accesorios originarios desde el siglo XIV hasta la actualidad. Paquita Parodi ha dedicado su vida a rescatar piezas de moda. En su armario hay vestuarios emblemáticos que pertenecieron a Dolores del Río, Sofía Loren, Thalia y hasta una peluca que usó Josephine Baker.


Paquita Parodi nos da un paseo por la historia de la moda: Óscar de la Renta, Balenciaga y más. La coleccionista de vestidos Paquita Parodi compartió algunas piezas icónicas y demostró que hay prendas que nunca pasarán de moda.

Harpers Bazaar

When she was 12 years old, Francisca Parodi was challenged by her grandmother to retrieve a chemise. The stimulus expanded to hobby and joined another passion: collecting rare items from the history of fashion. Paquita , as it is known, holds one of the most exclusive and historic collections, focused on the last two centuries. The Parodi Costume Collection's time machine brings together more than five thousand items, including iconic dresses by Charles Frederick Worth , Mariano Fortuny , more than 400 models from the 1920s, as well as underwear, children's clothes, wedding dresses, bags and accessories – it even has fabrics from the 14th century.

Legends from Mom's Closet

Take a tour with me around Paquita Parodi's, Costume Collection hidden museum where she shows us her unbelievable vintage collection. Let's meet Oscar de la Renta's most iconic fashion pieces and his history of changing the fashion world together! From Victorian, Edwardian, to 2000s, Paquita has pieces from all different eras and parts of the world